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German Shepherd Protection Dogs and Training School in New Jersey

Protection Dog Training - Frenchtown, NJ - Pro Canine Center

A protection dog is the perfect combination of best friend and 24-hour guard dog. Your pet can also be the first line of defense against danger, whether at home or in public. At Pro Canine Center, our master trainer Andres Aportela and the staff have over 30 years of experience breeding and training imported German Shepherds for law enforcement agencies as well as private citizens. We also offer protection dog training for all breeds. If you want the peace of mind only a dedicated, alert canine companion can provide, consider protection dog training at Pro Canine Center.

Devotion and Security for People and Property

Having a protection dog as a pet fulfills two important needs: loyalty and security. The unconditional love of canine companionship is a uniquely rewarding experience, but our dogs also serve as guard dogs to their master. They’re especially beneficial for single women and families that live in or near high-risk areas, as well as for the elderly and physically challenged. Rural residents, particularly those who live on large properties or far from police, also depend on guard dogs to watch over them and their homesteads.

Protection Dog Breeds

Our team favors the German Shepherd. They are known to be fearless protectors when threatened, and calm, confident companions when at ease. Police prefer them because they’re very smart and learn fast. German Shepherds have a calm demeanor when in a household but can quickly react when their family or home is threatened.

Other breeds with proven records as great guard dogs include Bull Mastiffs, Doberman Pinchers, Pulis, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Protection Training at Pro Canine Center

Our proven method is built on three tenets: drive, motivation, and determination. Under Andres' supervision, our experienced handlers teach them to be alert and respond decisively in any situation. Our dogs are fully trained and can effectively stop approaching threats and alert their humans to danger. They also learn to behave aggressively and to back down on command (for example, when someone comes to the door). We use various sounds and surfaces in realistic scenario-based exercises, as well as confidence-building techniques to reinforce the three tenets of training and produce loyal mascots that you can trust to keep you safe.

Client Dog Training

We also teach client dogs at our Frenchtown campus, offering three levels of classes from basic obedience through advanced training. Basic training produces a loyal, obedient companion who understands and responds to commands without resistance. Advanced levels include elite obedience competition and off-leash training. Your dog will graduate from our facility with a one-second response time to your commands, and unshakeable attention to his or her primary responsibilities as your guardian.

If you’re interested in having the security of a protection dog or would like to train your pet to learn to be a guard dog, contact the professionals at Pro Canine Center today. It's an investment that returns a lifetime of peace of mind.