New Jersey Dog Training Company.
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As you can see my favorite breed is the German Shepherd. Why? I have never been dissapointed with any of my male or female dogs. I have provided a number of police departments in the United States, Central America, the Carribean Islands, and Europe. These dogs were trained for many different purposes but always demonstrated their full capabilities with complete success.The German Shepherd breed is the only breed that is totally devoted to demonstrate their skills in any situation. Whether it be a k-9 police dog, search and rescue, therapy dog, seeing eye dog, or just a family companion, he or she will always show their full dedication.



If you have an interest in dog training and would like to learn a new career, Andres will work with you step by step through animal behavior, dog training, basic and advanced obedience, protection, tracking, narcotic detection, scent discrimination, and correcting behavior problems.