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Pro Canine Center LLC BBB Business Review

New Jersey Dog Training Company.
BBB top rating 30 years of 0 (zero) negative business report.

New Jersey Protection Dog Training School

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Man’s best friend can provide companionship, exercise, lower stress and better health. Pets who have received protection dog training also provide security, protection and peace of mind. Master trainer Andres Aportela and the staff at Pro Canine Center have over 30 years’ experience training German Shepherds for law enforcement and private citizens.

Devotion And Peace Of Mind

Dogs are well known for loving their owners unconditionally, but our dogs are also ready to protect their owners in the face of danger. Whether at home or in public, your pet can be your first line of defense.

A trained guard dog is especially beneficial for single women and families who live in or near high-risk areas. For the elderly and physically challenged, a well-trained dog can provide another layer of security while also offering companionship. Those with large rural properties may need a pet who can alert them if someone trespasses on the further reaches of their property.

Protection Dog Breeds

Our staff have experience training and breeding German Shepherds. They're fast learners who are calm companions when relaxed and react fearlessly when threatened. Our dogs are fully trained to alert their humans to danger and stop approaching threats. They learn to react aggressively when required and back down at your command.

Protection Dog Training For All Breeds

If you already own a dog, we offer three levels of classes from basic obedience to advanced training. Your pet will graduate with a one-second response time to your commands and all the knowledge needed to take on his or her responsibilities as your guardian.

Our experienced handlers train all dogs to be alert and decisive. We have a proven method built on drive, motivation and determination. Realistic scenarios help your dog learn how to react in any situation and confidence-building techniques help produce a loyal and trustworthy pet who will keep you safe.

A protection dog can bring a sense of security to your life along with the devotion of a canine companion. If you'd like the peace of mind a protection dog brings, or would like to train your pet to be a guard dog, contact Pro Canine Center today.