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Pro Canine Center LLC BBB Business Review

New Jersey Dog Training Company.
BBB top rating 30 years of 0 (zero) negative business report.

New Jersey Schutzhund Training

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Pro Canine Center has been in the business of training dogs in Frenchtown, New Jersey, for the past three decades. We offer trained European German Shepherds to protect you while providing companionship or for competition in Schutzhund exhibitions. We also offer a Schutzhund training program for those who want to learn how to train dogs.

New Jersey Schutzhund & Police Association

Pro Canine Center is part of one of the East Coast's most active Schutzhund clubs, the New Jersey Schutzhund & Police Association. The club is small but successful in the sport of Schutzhund, with members earning an average of 40 titles per year.

Our Dog Training Courses

Our training program begins with basic obedience training followed by advanced training. If we see signs of fear and avoidance behavior, we start with eliminating that before proceeding. In basic training, we use a combination of training and play breaks to motivate dogs. This helps them learn to pay attention and respond to commands faster. It also teaches them discipline and can reduce behavioral issues like biting.

Our advanced training includes competition obedience training and off-leash training. These are great because they help you build rapport with your dog. Your dog learns to stay disciplined and focused in the face of various distractions.

Training Courses For Students

If your goal is to become a dog trainer in Frenchtown, we're here to support you in that as well. We have a variety of programs to help would-be trainers get started. These include courses for training dogs to track, detect narcotics and provide protection. You can also learn to teach basic and advanced obedience, how to correct a dog's behavior problems and how to train dogs to discriminate between different scents.

Contact Us To Learn About Schutzhund Training

Dogs from 10 weeks of age through six years are welcomed in our training programs, and boarding is also available in our kennel. To learn about training your dog for protection or as a disability support dog, contact our facility and schedule an appointment to speak with one of our staff members about our different training programs. Call us at (908) 421-5050, or fill out our online form and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.





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