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Pro Canine Center LLC BBB Business Review

New Jersey Dog Training Company.
BBB top rating 30 years of 0 (zero) negative business report.

Meet Our Dog Trainers at the Renown Pro Canine Center in New Jersey

At Pro Canine Center, we combine time-tested and innovative humane methods to train dogs for different purposes. Our trainers excel at what they do, helping canines reach their full potential.

Our Dog Trainers

It's paramount that our trainers embody five key characteristics: patience, consistency, dedication, natural talent, and, above all, a love for animals. All our trainers complete at least 1,500 hours of dog training, with an emphasis on the following:

  • Behavior modification
  • Temperament evaluation
  • Instincts development
  • Basic obedience
  • Advanced off-leash obedience
  • Puppy socialization
  • Fear neutralization

This is the minimum required. Also, our trainers must complete advanced Schutzhund training, which includes such levels as off-leash obedience under distraction and traffic and temperament tests.

The Trainers' Techniques & Style

Our trainers are hands-on with each dog, developing not only skills but a human-dog relationship built on trust. They have a profound understanding of dog behavior and utilize some of the most effective techniques available, always treating each animal with dignity. All our professional dog trainers possess a deep understanding of dog behavior.

Our techniques and styles train each dog to be a willing partner with its human team. Each partnership developed is built on respect. We utilize praise as a reward, which motivates every dog to do his or her best.

The Training Provided

Our dog trainers receive extensive training from Pro Canine Center owner Andres Aportela, who is also a master trainer for the North Jersey Schutzhund and Police Association. Under Andres' careful tutelage, our trainers learn advanced techniques for building up some of the best working dogs around. We successfully train canines to be loyal, hardworking disability service dogs, police dogs, protection dogs, and loving family companions.

Each trainer must train at least 15 to 20 dogs, including both normal and problem-behavior canines. Displacement of fear and aggression is an important skill our trainers gain. Also, our master trainers have at least two to three years of experience and have successfully trained a minimum of 50 dogs.

Every dog trained by Pro Canine Center has to be supervised by a master trainer before completing the pet and owner’s final session. This ensures that before training is done, each dog and owner team is completely in sync. Total trust and understanding between a dog and an owner is the result we strive for, every time.