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New Jersey Dog Training Company.
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Young dogs learning to develop there pray instinct. Developing pray drive helps your young dog to re direct the energy to a toy creating a one on one positive and powerful game.

Ipo training is the most discipline and motivated sport in the world . The dog most demos traded fire - drives - happiness and total commitment to he’s master . For many years is been a working and temperament evaluation for working dogs in Europa including police and military dogs . I do not recommend to apply this master level of training not a less you have the knowledge or the experience , this level is not for beginners basic obedience Trainor’s

dog training

dog training

dog training

dog training

Dog - Frenchtown, NJ - Pro Canine Center

Dog - Frenchtown, NJ - Pro Canine Center

Family Protection Dog Training - Frenchtown, NJ - Pro Canine Center

Training A Dog - Frenchtown, NJ - Pro Canine Center

Pro Canine Center provides services in basic training and general obedience, puppy neutralization and socialization, behavior modification, advanced obedience, tracking and search and rescue, and Schutzhund and police training personal protection.

The Three Tenants of Canine Training

Drive, motivation, and discipline are the three components of obedience training we employ to ensure your dog follows a behavior and responds to a command with no resistance. Once your dog is finished with our basic obedience training, you will see a strong bond between your dog and you. It is a positive program to build confidence by applying the technique of neutralization.

Basic Obedience Training

Most dogs under six months are in a state of fear when it comes to the outside world. At Pro Canine Center, we believe this fear is a result of factors such as incorrect upbringing and genetics. When we see a perfect example of avoidance behavior, we first work on eliminating this fear. Then we start conditioning the dogs with motivation and stimulation to foster renewed senses of attention, discipline, speed, and accurate command response. We generate a number of repetitions with breaks for simple playing.

The result is your dog having a response of no longer than one second when given a command. Behavior training will also pacify severe aggression behaviors such as biting.

Advanced Training

Once your dog has completed our general obedience training package, we suggest they continue to the next level. Our advanced programs include elite obedience competition programs as well as our advanced off-leash program. These are great ways to develop a strong relationship between you and your dog. These courses expose your canine friend to many different distractions and make sure they stay disciplined during any situation. You will find that your dog will represent the three tenants Pro Canine Center believes in during all circumstances: drive, motivation, and discipline.

We offer our training programs to dogs from 10 weeks old to 6 years old. For boarding and training, please contact our office Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm EST. We hope you arrange a visit to our wonderful kennel and academy facility.

Our Trainers

Pro Canine Center's master trainer is Andres Aportela, a DEA narcotic certified instructor. Andres has been training dogs in the sport of Schutzhund for over 25 years. He is decorated the world over for his excellence at dog training, including winning bronze, silver, and gold medals in the United States for Schutzhund.

The rest of our training team has completed over 1,500 hours of commercial behavior modification training. They also must train a minimum of 15–20 dogs during their trainer's course, including both normal and problem dogs. Our master trainers have 2–3 years of experience and have trained a minimum of 50 dogs.

Student Courses

We offer courses for those that wish to become dog trainers. Our courses include basic and advanced obedience training, tracking, narcotic detection, protection, scent discrimination, and behavioral correction.

Obedience training will create an everlasting bond between you and your canine friend. Visit Pro Canine Center today and discover the true abilities of your dog.

Our services dogs . Wants you have selected us for your purchase or training , we make the most important first netting between you and our dogs . What we like to se is great energy coming from the dog and pear in it with your energy , and making sure that the inicial meeting go s very well . Second . Evaluating the necessary task and special personal services training needed for our dogs to help you .