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Pro Canine Center LLC BBB Business Review

New Jersey Dog Training Company.
BBB top rating 30 years of 0 (zero) negative business report.

Family Protection Dogs in New Jersey

At Pro Canine Center, we can match you with a healthy, beautiful, fully trained protection dog that will give you and your family not just wonderful companionship but also a guardian capable of serving and protecting.

Benefits of a Family Protection Dog

Our protection dogs offer you complete loyalty, as they are trained to withstand bribery. They serve as a 24-hour bodyguard to keep you safe and secure. You and your family members can enjoy walks and hikes around the neighborhood or in wilderness settings free of worry because your protection dog is prepared to react to any threats, whether posed by human or animal.

With crime rates and break-ins rising at alarming rates, keeping yourself and your home secure is essential. With a protection dog, you no longer have to fear coming home to an empty house or letting repair persons inside to do work. Children can finally play outside in the backyard without concern.

The Pro Canine Center Difference

At Pro Canine Center, we have been importing top-quality dogs bred from exclusive European bloodlines directly from Germany for 30 years. Our dogs are selected for their excellent temperament, stability, and keen instincts for protection, and we train every dog from scratch here in the United States using our own highly specialized training techniques. We provide training for every need such as housebreaking, basic training, service dog training, protection training, show dog competitions, and more.

During training, our dogs encounter real-life, alarming situations to ensure they are ready to respond to every threat. Specialty protection skills, such as property search skills, weapon disarming, and the ability to bark and hold a perpetrator in place, can also be integrated into your dog’s training to meet your individual needs.

Our lead trainer, Andres Aportela has been a DEA Narcotic Certified Instructor for the past 25 years and has successfully trained dogs for the sport of Schutzhund, with many of his graduates placing in the top ten in all 3 phases.

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At Pro Canine Center, your safety, security, and satisfaction are our top priorities, and when you acquire a family protection dog from us, you can be confident that you are getting a highly trained animal in peak physical health and an excellent companion. Contact us to find the right protection dog for you or your family today.

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We can provide you with the right training or the right dog fully Traiend from level1 to level 3 we will select the right dog and evaluated making sure your energy fillings go hand to hand with the right one of our dog . Temperament stability and training ability is fully guaranty protection and companionship go s one on one your family security is our number one concern

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Owner and Dog - Frenchtown, NJ - Pro Canine CenterDo You Live in Fear?

Do you live in fear? Do you feel it’s safe to come back to your empty house? Are your children safe playing in your back yard alone? Can you go for a walk by yourself without worries? Do you feel OK opening your door with a stranger on the other side? Can you sleep trusting your alarm system to save you from a break in or home invasion? Is it a good idea to let a service repair man into your home when you are by yourself? Can you go on a business trip with peace of mind knowing your family and home is safe and secure? The answers to these questions may be “no”. With the steady rise of crime rates in our nation we need to consider personal and family protection. A fully protection trained protection European German Shepherd can secure you and your home and be a happy family friend and companion. We personally train all of our companion and family-protection dogs in highly challenging real-life practice situations and take the time to fully train all family members in all phases of dog care and handling. In addition to high-level obedience and social skills, our dogs have specialty protection skills customized to individual family needs (eg, alert on command, house/property search, bark and hold a perpetrator in place, weapon disarming). We see no room for error: your security and happiness is our #1 concern.

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